SeaPlot Pro for Trawlers

SeaPlot Pro has been developed from the strengths of SeaPlot - the first PC based plotting program available and extensive input from some of the worlds most experienced and skilled skippers. SeaPlot Pro is user friendly and rich with features that give you the important and useful information to improve catching efficiency. With advanced features, multiple layer plotting and the world's most accurate charts, SeaPlot Pro helps put you first at the wharf with the biggest catch.

SeaPlot Pro provides all the information you need simpler, faster, more accurately and with greater flexibility than other systems available.

Safety and Essential Fishing Information at a Glance

SeaPlot Pro provides you with essential, real time data on an easy-to-use electronic chart display with the option of fixed or floating information panels, displaying only the information you need.

  • All necessary chart information
  • Position of the vessel relative to intended course. Ship symbol is proportioned to the chart and orientated by the gyro or heading input data
  • Heading and course vectors project from the bow
  • ARPA range, bearing, speed, heading, CPA, TCPA
  • Net position with range, bearing, spread, depth, temperature and catch
  • Man overboard 1-touch command
  • Information from ships instruments
  • On screen fixed and free EBL and VRM along with bearing line allow rapid range and bearing measurements

Innovative Features to Improve Efficiency

  • SmartMark provides the user with range and bearing to multiple marks
  • Gear tracking for accurate trawl tracking information
  • Instant way-point autopilot control to a point
  • Simple plot manipulation: Copy, Split, Merge, Rename and Delete
  • Comprehensive security protection of your data
  • IMO color option

Multiple Layer Plots

  • SeaPlot Pro gives you unlimited multi-layer plotting on a single screen
  • Multiple layers allow you to display any or all of your previous data as and how best suits each trip
  • Record and compare your depths, temperature, fouls, etc as and when you need
  • You can now use all the information you have been collecting in the past to help you catch fish today
  • User configurable contour display to provide an informative, uncluttered view of the bottom

Navigation Made Easy

  • Advanced new route planning features have been added which enhance safety with a unique anti-grounding feature with CM93v2,v3 charts
  • Whether you need to rendezvous with another vessel or navigate back to your fishing gear, SeaPlot Pro makes it easy

Data Recording

  • Record depth, temperature, SeaScan and Roxanne data in user selected strata ranges and colours
  • Plot the position of various net position sensors (i.e. ITI, Geonet/Pacha, SeaView 3D) or GPS radio buoys and show the actual position on the chart display screen
  • Advanced ship tracking - ARPA tracking feature allows you to track and record other vessels, associate or competitor
  • AIS interface, tracking and logging
  • Don't waste time fishing where someone else has already been and caught nothing


Navigation Charts

  • Raster charts: NOAA/BSB, ARCS, NDI
  • Vector charts: C-MAP CM93v2, CM93v3, NT+ and NT MAX
  • Worldwide coverage

Bathymetric Charts

  • C-Map
  • NSKV
  • SMI Bathymetric


  • Anti-grounding searchlight vectors
  • Route planning
  • Unlimited routes and waypoints
  • Rhumbline and Great Circle navigation
  • Worldwide tide data included
  • Navigational alarms
  • Automatic chart switching
  • Chart centers on vessel
  • High speed zoom in and zoom out
  • Alarmed guard zones
  • Displays user defined markers, lines, tracks, and events
  • Displays gear up/down and MOB markers
  • Antenna placement for more accurate positioning
  • Second position source for dual tracking

Data Recording and Storage

  • Multiple plot overlay capability
  • Single point and click operation

Unlimited Recording and Display

  • Depth
  • Temperature
  • Bottom type
  • Points, lines, markers
  • Ships data
  • ARPA data
  • Trawl data
  • GPS radio buoy data
  • Automatic and manual log entries
  • ... and much more

Data Importing/Conversion

  • SeaPlot
  • INStar
  • Furuno GD180, 188, 500, 280, 380, 680
  • C-Plot
  • MaxSea
  • Turbo 2000

User Requested Additional Features

  • Password protection on program, exports and individual plots
  • Over 100 marker types and 5 line styles
  • 5 marker sizes for better viewing
  • Save text with markers
  • World tide database
  • Integration with Piscatus 3D
  • Floating info panels displaying only data you select
  • Contouring on the fly (with optional module)
  • ... and much more


Comprehensive Interface Options

  • Loran
  • Autopilot
  • Gyro
  • Speed Log
  • ARPA Radar
  • Depth Sounder
  • Wind Instruments
  • Net Monitor Data
  • GPS Radio buoys
  • Roxanne
  • SeaScan
  • Temperature
  • NMEA 0183 devices
  • Furuno CIF
  • High speed data