SeaPlot Pro and SeaPlot 6 systems are circling the globe with many installations in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Norway, Iceland, USA, Scotland, China, Taiwan, The Pacific Islands and Spain.

We have skilled engineers that can assist with all facets of installation and advice to ensure hassle free installation and efficient use of SeaPlot's wide range of features.

SeaPlot has roots that trace back to the first PC based plotting software developed by Oceantech Inc. In 1984, SeaPlot was operating on a fishing vessel in the Bering Sea and was the first commercial application to run under the then new Windows operating system. With company mergers and changes, Oceantech became Biosonics which moved to Advanced Marine Technology. These companies were based in Seattle, the home of Microsoft. As a result SeaPlot developed as Windows did. Advanced Marine Technology developed the INStar system and the fishing focus moved to ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System).

SeaPlot and INStar were purchased by SeaPlot International Ltd in 1996.

Since acquiring the SeaPlot and INStar software, SeaPlot International has returned the INStar name to SeaPlot Pro for the trawling market and SeaPlot 6 for the inshore market.

We have spent thousands of hours enhancing and tailoring SeaPlot to the requirements of the fishing industry. We have some of the most skilled and successful skippers using SeaPlot, providing ongoing reporting and feature recommendations.

The result is that SeaPlot is very robust from its ECDIS input and has a wide array of features and functions.

SeaPlot is at the forefront of plotting technology today.

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